Howard Volunteer Fire Dep't.

(P.O. Box 154) - 8274 Highway 50

Howard, Colorado 81233


Chili Cook-Off Pictures 2013, 2014, & 2015.

Green Chili Winners

1st Place - Ace Van Esselstine (C.P. Portables)-Center
2nd Place - Roy Van Esselstine (Lone Wolf Disposal)-Right
3rd Place - Jan Garduno (Dan Ogden Consultants)-Left


¯Green Chili Best Decorated Booth

Cooper Collins (HVFD)


Green Chili Judges

Patrick Hawkins, Clint Walker, Chris Byars

Green Chili People's Choice Award

Jan Garduno (Dan Ogden Consultants)




2015 Green Chili Pictures


Red Chili Winners

1st Place - Katrina Mayfield (shown) & Susan Miller (Scanga Meat)-Left
2nd Place - Starla Nichols (Advanced Construction Roofing-Center
3rd Place - Ace Van Esselstine (C.P. Portables & Mtn. High Septic)-Right

Red Chili People's Choice Award

Vern Clawson (Meanwhile Back at the Ranch)

Red Chili Judges

Clint Wilson, Robin Martinez, Felix Martinez

Red Chili Best Decorated Booth

Mark & Carla Gillespie (True Value Hardware)

Red Chili Pictures


2014 pictures

Judges left to right

Dave Tonsing, Clint Wilson, Marshall Swartz, Carol Blackwell, John Tillotson

Auction Items


People's Choice Award for Green Chili

Chuck's Leather Works
Sherree Vancil



People's Choice Award for Red Chili

Mountain High Septic
Sabrina VanEsselstine



1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Winners for Red Chili

American Drilling-Frank Ogden & Nash Hahn,
Mountain High Septic-Sabrina VanEsselstine.
R & R Tropies - Julie Bynum

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Winners for Green Chili

American Drilling-Frank Ogden & Nash Hahn,
R & R Trophies - Julie Bynum
HVFD - Dee Wilda

R & R Trophies
Julie Bynum & John Logan
Winner's of Best Decorated Booth for both Green & Red Chili,
2nd Place for Green Chili, & 3rd Place for Red Chili

American Drilling Service

1st. Place Winner of both Red & Green Chili
Gay Dewberry-Hahn


Chuck's Leather Works

People's Choice Award for Green Chili
Joan Massengale & Sherree Vancil

Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center

Andy & Patti Waldbart

C.P. Portables
Jan Garduno


True Value Hardware
Jessica Wilda

Mike Steward cooking hot dogs.


2013 pictures

Pictures from 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2011 Cook-Offs.

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